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Join this limited seating discussion and hear a panel comprised of Retailers, Press and Industry Insiders share their insights.

Don Palmieri – President, GCAL
Rich Bennett, PK Bennett, Owner
Brian Rouse, Bay Area Diamond Co, Owner
Severine Ferrari – Engagement101.com – Editor In Chief
Suraj Mehta, Pure Grown Diamonds, Director
Deb Hiss, Pure Grown Diamonds – Moderator  

Lab Grown Diamonds:
Savvy Industry Members
Share Their Insights

It’s taken the better part of 60 years, but gem-quality lab grown diamonds are now a reality. Diamonds grown above the earth offer a compelling new choice for consumers. Progressive retailers are loving the fact that they can get a bigger profit margin on these diamonds. They’re finding that consumers are embracing them because they are more affordable and eco-friendly.  This panel discussion is designed to answer questions you may have regarding carrying lab grown diamonds in your own store.  Panelists will have an opportunity to share insights from their own experiences.

June 1st 8:30 am
Banyan C Ballroom
Mandalay Bay


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